The Program

Cover1Karrass now offers a two-day course for internal teams within businesses.


Personality conflicts, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, or layoffs can all lead to workplace dysfunction. This new program is based on Karrass’s proven methodology to increase productivity, employee engagement and organizational success. For over 40 years Karrass has been a leader in negotiation development. Millions of business leaders have taken the courses and most of the Forbes 500 have licensed its programs.


Attendees will learn to:

  • Identify different social and negotiating styles
  • Listen Effectively
  • Strive Towards Both-Win®
  • Share Ideas Collaboratively 
  • Effectively Negotiate Differences 
  • Apply these skills in the workplace


“The seminar was outstanding! It will absolutely help me gain, nurture and develop positive relationships within my organization.”      

– AVP at The Bank of the West

Public Classes

Learn how to build effective relationships and be heard in today’s demanding workplace. In addition to in-house training, you can try a public seminar near you. Karrass hosts several across the U.S. that individuals and small teams can participate in. Additionally, this is a great way for team leaders, HR, and leadership development professionals to get a better understanding of the value these programs offer.

In-House Training

We customize training programs for your individual business and teams. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to recognize your own negotiation style and appreciate the style of others, use communication techniques that promote effectively listening and collaboration, apply techniques that promote a Both-Win® negotiation, and ultimately achieve improved partnerships and better results. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of the program.

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This experiential educational environment combines video, class discussions, and interactive exercises to ensure each individual leaves the classroom with skills that can be applied immediately on-the-job.

Team members will walk away with the skills to communicate more effectively, collaborate towards common goals, build positive relationships, and negotiate for mutual success.


Karrass now offers a curriculum exclusively for businesses, to ensure effective teamwork, based on Dr. Chester Karrass’s lifetime of work. (About Dr. Karrass)  

For more than 40 years Karrass has been the worldwide leader in corporate development, licensing its courses to most of the Fortune 500. Millions of individuals and influential business leaders have taken the courses. Attendees learn how to settle problems and differences using cooperative Both-Win® approaches–lowering daily frustration levels, building trust, gaining respect for ideas, resolving conflicts, transforming difficult relationships, increasing productivity, and dealing with concerns more effectively.


Looking for individual negotiation classes?

Karrass is the leading negotiation trainer in the U.S. If you are an individual looking for a seminar near you, go to the main Karrass Website.

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“The most useful aspects of the program are different presentation components, from verbal, to video to group negotiation practice.”

– HR Manager at Kroeker Farms



 “Of the many, many classes I have taken with Honda, I’ve liked this course the best. The presentations are interactive and interesting.”

– Purchasing at Honda


 “Until now, I never understood or focused on building relationships for improving the company or my place in the company.”

– Quality Manager at Miba Bearings


 “I enjoyed the time away to develop skills with other employees from different departments.”

– Assistant Manager at Continental Pipeline and Facility


 “Negotiating is one of the most relevant and important skills any level of employee can use. This course is immensely valuable for creating effective work teams and cohesive organizations.”

– GM of Services at Cisco Systems


 “Seminar was wonderful. Helps you think outside the box to tackle internal problems in intra-company negotiations.”

– Real Estate Counsel at Ann Taylor


Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization ROI: 

Karrass’s Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization course will help your employees develop fluid, healthy communication skills, increase employee engagement, and improve your company’s bottom line.


A 2015 Harvard Business Review study indicated that organizations with highly collaborative teams recognized a 25% increase in revenue per customer


Investing in employee development increases engagement. A TowerWatson study found that companies with high sustainable engagement have an operating margin more than 27% higher than those with low engagement.


American Society for Training and Development found that an increase of $680 per employee in a company’s training expenditures generates a 6 percent improvement in total shareholder return.

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